Our understanding of investments

We seek to extend the common definitions of “investments” and “support”.

When we invest in the project, we make it better. We favor creation of new products and services, which excel the initial expectations.

When we support a specific initiative, we develop it, meaning we form the culture and traditions it belongs to.

We base on our team

People, their talents and strengths are what Glorax Group relies upon. Our values include a need to everything new and creative, self-fulfillment, ambitions, care and solidarity.

The genuine success is infectious

A truly successful person is the one, who has achieved his goal and helps others to fulfill their potential. There are no boundaries and distances for that. Glorax Group’s strategy is a consolidation of successful people from different industries. The opportunity to share different methods and ideas to improve such business areas like real estate, energy, IT and infrastructure.

The president and founder of Glorax Group

Andrey Birzhin Glorax Group

“Be truly absorbed by your own business and to believe in your beginnings, these are the keys to success in every area of our life.”
– A. Birzhin

Andrey Birzhin was born on April 12, 1981. He is a graduate of Economics and Management Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He began his career from small-scale projects in development of Moscow Region territories. Upon 10 years of successful implementation of projects he established Tekta Group Development Company, being the significant player at the today’s Moscow Region market.

Andrey Birzhin is a winner of prestigious prize “Person of the Year” in “Business Innovations” nomination.

In 2013 he established the Russian Direct Investment Fund focusing on development, infrastructural facilities management, IT, hotel business and energy.

Affectionate husband and caring father.