Glorax Life: we won three gold!

Swimmer Andrei Kurnosov, a member of the corporate team Glorax Life (part of the Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin), won three gold medals at the open championship of Italy in the category Masters.

Italian Masters Swimming Championships are professional competitions that gather swimmers from all over the world. From 10 to 15 July dozens of athletes gathered in Palermo to find out who will become the best in various disciplines of swimming. Competitions were held in 50-meter open and closed pools. In this case, the organizers allowed the participation of one swimmer only in three individual swimmings.

Professional swimmer Andrei Kurnosov won first place and won gold medals in three categories:

50 meters, butterfly – gold.
50 meters, the breaststroke is gold.
50 meters, the crawl is gold.

Already now, Andrei continues training – to maintain the form and prepare for new competitions, since the standard schedule of the athlete is 7-8 major world championships and more than a dozen intermediate control starts per year.